Cutting-Edge Gadgets: Future Tech Innovations Unveiled


Discover a range of cutting-edge gadgets redefining convenience and experience.

From the revolutionary Switchbot S10 cleaning bot to a powerful Mini PC with 3-in-1 wireless charging, each innovation brings unparalleled functionality.

Dive into the future of digital style with T-shirt TV and elevate your audio journey with F11o Q15 DAC.

Gamers, meet the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra wireless controller, while file storage finds a new dimension with the intuitive Amber Smart Storage platform.

Switchbot S10

Introducing the Switchb S10, hailed as the pioneering cleaning bot with the remarkable ability to autonomously refill and drain its water tanks, eliminating the need for constant user intervention and functioning similarly to household appliances like dishwashers or washing machines.

The S10S water station establishes a continuous physical connection to your water and drainage systems, significantly reducing the maintenance burden on your part.

For those without existing connections to tap into, Switchb has you covered with included adapters that seamlessly connect everything for a hassle-free experience in cases where plumbing or adapter use is impractical.

Switchb offers a practical solution: a standalone dock capable of holding 2.5 L of clean water and 2 L of dirty water as an exclusive bonus.

This versatile accessory comes free of charge for all Kickstarter backers. Experience the future of cleaning convenience with the Switchb s10.


Tech enthusiasts, get ready to level up your iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max experience with our cutting-edge accessory designed exclusively for these flagship devices.

Now featuring type-C ports and compatibility with larger-capacity SSD external hard drives, we’ve taken innovation to the next level.

Imagine storing your high-res 4K videos and beyond on SSDs.

That’s the inspiration behind our latest creation. We’ve crafted a seamless solution that effortlessly connects your iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max to external SSD storage, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient experience.

With this accessory, you’ll unlock a new realm of convenience, making your iPhone usage more powerful than ever.

Mini PC Get ready to meet the ultimate in compact computing. This powerhouse is not only small, but that’s not all.

This computer is all about catering to your needs. With user-friendly features like support for memory additions and chip replacements, you have the flexibility to upgrade and expand whenever you desire.

There is no need to worry about meeting your evolving requirements.

This computer has you covered, and here’s the game changer: introducing the unique 3-in-1 wireless charging capability for watches and headphones, including the Apple Watch.

This is cutting-edge technology designed to enhance your user experience in ways you never thought possible. Stay tuned to witness the future of computing convenience.

T-shirt TV

Get ready to transform your style game or take your business promotion to unprecedented heights with the T-shirt TV wearable digital art—the game changer you’ve been waiting for.

Picture this: a built-in digital screen on your tee that revolutionizes your wardrobe.

Unleash your digital self-expression with this wearable digital billboard featuring an integrated 10-digit screen.

Flaunt your creativity by showcasing your digital art favorites, NFTS viral memes, or Tik Toks without worrying about running out of juice.

This wearable screen boasts an impressive 2 to 4 hours of battery life, ensuring an uninterrupted digital showcase that keeps your content alive and captivating throughout the day.

Hygiene meets convenience with a t-shirt TV as it comes with a removal display for easy cleaning, plus enjoy the feather-like comfort of this Tech shirt that ensures you stay comfortable and stylish all day long.

Embrace Innovation Embrace style Take your look to the next level with a t-shirt TV and make a bold statement wherever you go.

F11o Q15 DAC

Step into the future of digital music with the Fy15DAC and Headphone Amplifier, where cutting-edge technologies redefine your audio experience.

Feast your eyes on the glass design of the Key5, featuring scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint agge glass on the back panel with an 18-to-9 size ratio. It ensures comfortable use, whether handheld or paired with other portable devices, but that’s not all that’s key.

5 introduces a game-changing dedicated desktop mode with a separate type-C power connector.

When connected to a PD power adapter, it bypasses the battery, offering a desktop-like experience on the go.

Wireless gaming controller

Level up your gaming experience with the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra, your ultimate command center in the gaming realm.

This wireless smart game controller is not just a controller; it’s a gateway to staying socially connected while dominating your favorite games.

Immerse yourself in high performance. Wireless technology with a proprietary lag-free 2.4 GHz connection and built-in Bluetooth capability, and the perks don’t stop there.

Revel in an impressive 30-hour battery life and a rapid full recharge in just 2 hours thanks to the included charging dock, but what sets the stealth Ultra apart is its connected command display.

Witness a unique full-color display that not only keeps you informed with social media notifications but also allows for extensive settings adjustments, putting you in complete control of your experience.

Precision like never before with the anti-drift thumb sticks featuring contactless hall effect technology, ensuring high-resolution drift-free control.

The short travel tactile micro switch buttons supporting 5 million clicks Add another layer of precision to your gaming.


Unlocks the power of seamless file access with the Amber Smart Storage platform collection, introducing Amber X and Amber Pro with an intuitive all-in-one design.

These devices simplify local file storage and remote accessibility like never before. First off, bid farewell to the headaches of compromised clouds and complex solutions.

The Amber platform is here to make file backup sharing and streaming a breeze. Setting up has never been easier.

Electronic punks revolutionize your riding experience with the electronic punk near-ear.

Crystal Clear earbuds are the ultimate audio companions, designed specifically for open-face helmets.

Aleck Punks

Apart is their slim and featherweight design, measuring just 2.25x 1 by 0.5 and weighing a mere 16 grams.

Experience the convenience of these near-ear Crystal Clear earbuds that enhance your riding adventures without adding bulk. Penano 360 camera 16 There are some obvious defects.

Partial limbs without a body, weird stitching issues, etc. That’s the problem with a phone app.

You have to take 36 individual images to complete a sphere, so by the time you get back to some spots, the objects have moved.

The fun glitches are when you have the same person in three different scenes. When we went to Disneyland, I took an abundance of 360° images.

For me, they’re fun to capture and look back on, as you can look around and see things you may have initially missed.

The camera itself is really simplistic, with an on-slide switch, an option to take a pick straight from the unit, and a selfie stick that connects to the bottom of the ball.

Unfortunately, the shutter button is placed on the top of the ball, so you have to wrap your hand around the ball to take a picture.

You then have a portion of the image filled with your hand. The selfie stick plugs directly into the unit, and you can charge the unit by plugging the adapter into the selfie stick.

So I’m not sure why no one thought to include a shutter button on the stick; that would have worked so much better than the methods they came up with.

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